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Capabilities: mixed-use and specialty projects

Traditional mixed-use projects no longer involve a given combination of office, retail, hotel, and residential uses. Development is increasingly responding to a unique mix of uses that in many instances have conflicting requirements. Whether you are seeking to combine entertainment uses with retail, or mix educational uses with exhibition and training programs, METROVENTURES works closely with you from project conceptualization to program development.

METROVENTURES can bring comprehensive expertise not only in the traditional areas of design and engineering management, budget development, and construction management, but also in organizational development, core program development, and capacity-building initiatives. In addition to working with investors and financial institutions, METROVENTURES can provide comprehensive support to educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and private foundations to achieve their real estate development objectives.


Project List of Mixed-Use and Specialty Projects

  • Alex Brown Parking Garage Project Highlight - case study
    Baltimore, MD
  • "Avenue of the Arts"
    Baltimore, MD
  • Baltimore City Community College Project Highlight - case study
    Baltimore, MD
  • Baltimore City Master Plan
    Baltimore, MD
  • Grammy Exposition
    Memphis, TN
  • Harcourt Center
    Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Lockwood Property
    Baltimore, MD
  • Sandtown-Winchester Senior Center
    Baltimore, MD
  • University Commons
    Baltimore County, MD
  • University of Maryland at Baltimore
    Baltimore, MD
  • West Side Development Analysis
    Baltimore, MD

Project Highlight - case study case study available