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Capabilities: office and industrial

Whether you are planning to improve staff productivity or optimize production efficiencies, office and industrial projects warrant greater attention as we move into the 21st century. Much the same as input required to provide goods and services, facility costs can no longer be viewed as inconsequential to the economic cycle. A developer must comprehend the fundamentals of the client's core business and translate these factors into facilities that respond to capital cost constraints as well as life cycle efficiencies without compromising the socio-cultural requirements of an organization.

METROVENTURES can support corporate facility departments through the various phases of a project, including site or building evaluations; acquisition; budgeting; project design and engineering; financing; construction management; and commissioning of building systems, including preparing property management plans. We have experience with many technologies, including state-of-the-art building systems, and know how to integrate these into building design. This expertise can be of value to corporations, private investors, and nonprofit organizations, as well as educational and public sector clients.


Office and Industrial Projects List

  • Bridge Foods Project Highlight - case study
    New Orleans, LA
  • Columbia 100 Plaza
    Columbia, MD
  • Fells Point Properties
    Baltimore, MD
  • Harriston Square
    Atlanta, GA
  • Kemi Laboratories
    Columbia, MD
  • Metroview Center Project Highlight - case study
    Washington, DC
  • Neighborhood Development Center
    Baltimore, MD
  • Orleans Plaza
    Baltimore, MD
  • 300 North Front Street
    Baltimore, MD
  • Telspan International
    Landover, MD

Project Highlight - case study case study available